There is more to a great headshot than you might think.


Bristol Tattoo Convention – 2015

I was thrilled to attend the first Bristol Tattoo Convention which was held on June 13th, 14th 2015 in the Passenger Shed at the historic Brunel's Old Station. I travelled down from Oxford along with many visitors and vendors from all over the UK and in fact Europe. Oxford´s favourite and most published Tattoo Artist/Icon, Curly ( based... Continue Reading →

Commercial Refresh (Kingerlee Ltd)

  The Kingerlee business was established in 1868 by a plumber from Banbury called Thomas Henry Kingerlee. It has since stayed in the family despite its continuing growth and expansion. Kingerlee Ltd has realised that its business is not just carried forward by producing fantastic looking buildings and taking pride in their workmanship but that it is also important... Continue Reading →

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