There is more to a great headshot than you might think.


Bristol Tattoo Convention – 2015

I was thrilled to attend the first Bristol Tattoo Convention which was held on June 13th, 14th 2015 in the Passenger Shed at the historic Brunel's Old Station. I travelled down from Oxford along with many visitors and vendors from all over the UK and in fact Europe. Oxford´s favourite and most published Tattoo Artist/Icon, Curly ( based... Continue Reading →

Commercial Refresh (Kingerlee Ltd)

On Monday, 30th of June 2014, I had the pleasure of undertaking a photographic job for an English construction and development company called Kingerlee Ltd. The Kingerlee business was established in 1868 by a plumber from Banbury called Thomas Henry Kingerlee. It has since stayed in the family despite its continuing growth and expansion. Kingerlee Ltd have... Continue Reading →

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